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30 & 31st May, 1st June 2014 in Hérault : 165, 104, 43 and 11,5 km.

registrationThe first ultraraces in Languedoc-Roussillon.

Enjoy a happiness of ultra, created by a specialist of the long distance. Antoine GUILLON, the most regular trailer on the Diagonale des Fous (Réunion) (2nd in 2007, 2010 and 2012, 3rd in 2008, and 4th in 2009 and 2011), concocted you routes : ultra savage, in varied grounds, in surprising landscapes, in well measured technicality, friendly, with quality provisionings. Everything is combined for an event as great as your passion.


April 2014

The lists of the subscribers are on-line. You can verify the good reception of the medical certificate, the reservation of the shuttle and the place of picking up the number.

The updates will be all 7 or 10 days following our availability, also thank you for waiting for a few days after the sending of a document or an information before it is posted in boards.

EffiNov The partnership with EffiNov is renewed for this edition. Find all their products on EffiNov Sport. Thanks to Anthony Berthou and his team.

The schedule of the race weekend is available in the left tab : "Schedule runners" Distribution of the races bibs, hours of shuttle buses for the starts ...

The 6666 Occitane joined ITRA, International Trail Running Association ITRA


The route of the Saute Mouflon is detailed here.

UltraMag New : special offer! For any registration in 6666 or in the GRO: 30€ of reduction on your subscription of one year to Ultramag (sending in metropolitan France). Information: here for the GRO and here for 6666. For more informations : UltraMag.

Février 2014

The registrations arrive regularly. We already register 25 % of additional runners compared with January, 2013 on ultras and 50 % all in all thanks to the Saute  Mouflon. Do not delay joining us!

To see: a video realized by Michel, who puts you the atmosphere every year in the path of the Guards. Thank you Michel !

You can find the interviews of personalities of the trail, runners of the group, voluntaries... We begin with Erik Clavery, world champion of trail 2011, winner of the TransMartinique 2013, registered on 6666 Occitan. To read here

October 2013

Dates and hours of departure :

  • - Grand Raid Occitan : friday 30/05 08:00 am from Vailhan. Maxi : 50 hours. Estimations of passage here.
  • - 6666 Occitane : friday 30/05 09:00 pm from Vailhan. Maxi : 30 hours. Estimation of passage here.
  • - Saute Mouflon : saturday 31/05 10:00 am  from Lamalou-les-Bains. Maxi : 11:40 hours. Estimations of passage here.

salon Templiers We shall be in the show of Trail in Millau (12) on October 24th, 25th and 26th. Schedules: 24 and 25: from 2 pm till 7 pm ; 26 from 09 am till 7 pm.

courses qualificatives


 Registrations on the list of the qualifying races of The North Face ® Ultra-Trail of Mont Blanc ® on 2015: 

* 1 point for the Saute Mouflon
* 3 points for 6666 Occitane
* 4 points for the Grand Raid Occitan 


logo transmartinique

The registrations in the races of our friends of the Club Manikou (TransMartinique, Blue Challenge and Trail of Capes) are always opened. What about a last nice trail, under the Caribbean sun, before the installation of the winter ? You can see some runners as Antoine Guillon there ; Lionel Trivel, recent 4th of Tor of the Giants ; Patrick Bohard, 5th of Tor ; Sébastien Buffard ; Christophe Le Saux and height of others. Information here.


September 2013

Registrations are opened ! Come to discover the new sizes for 2014 : there is a formula for all the runners !

January 13

Images Serge Jaulin


We have the pleasure to announce you that a new partnership is set up from this edition 2013. The laboratory EFFINOV sport relies on us and will propose you at start and on the provisionings some of its organic energy products.Great thanks to Anthony BERTHOU and all his team.



Further to a coordination meeting for the security, the person in charge asks us for an additional information to add to the registration form. It is about the name and about the telephone of a person to warn in case of emergency.

If you are already registered or recorded, you can go on your index form runner and to fill the adequate field or transmit this complement by the page contact. Thank you.



Broadcasting of the movie about Transmartinique on Sport + 31/12 at 09:30 am, 01/01 at 11 am, 03/01 at 07:30 am and 05/01 at 08:30 am. Find Serge Jaulin's sunny images and rendezvous on December 7th and 8th, 2013 for the 4th edition of this beautiful West Indian event.



For its 4th edition, the 6666 Occitane knows an undeniable craze, with a very promising starting up of the registrations. The association has not envisaged a limitation of the number of participants yet, the route being very well conceived to welcome one thousand of runners, nevertheless we recommend to those who really scheduled  one of the Occitan ultras not to delay validating their registration to avoid unpleasant surprises. A point will be made at the beginning of the year. An exceptional site, a dream event.


Antoine GUILLON ends 1st ex æquo with Patrick BOHARD and Cédric CHAVET in 17h09, about one hour less than in 2011.

Véronique CHASTEL offers herself a beautiful caribbean victory and the 12th place to the scratch, with about 1h30 beforehand. Magnificent season for the 6666 Occitane double winner  and recently of the Endurance Trail in Millau.

Ranking : hereThe first images by Serge Jaulin : to see here.

November 2012

Registered runners

Renaud ROUANET, of Team Lafuma, will be not only on the poster of the Occitan ultras, he will also be from the Grand Raid Occitan ! A beautiful challenge for the runner native of Olargues, after its 2nd place on 6666 Occitane in 2012.

Pacers : the accompaniment on the Grand Raid Occitan, the experiment 2013.

* Who did not run completely or partially one ultra with friends or unknown runner , by pleasure, by chance, by strategy ? Who did not feel a precious help by exchanging its knowledge of the route or by sharing its experience, for all to join the finishing line?

*  A reflection which comes to Antoine GUILLON further to his recent 2nd place on the TDS ™ on 2012, ex aequo with his friend Lionel TRIVEL, a performance which they built together, 15 hours full of pleasure, recommendations, sharing out the difficulties, the optimization of the provisionings, the strategy. If bearing a number is the free access to this user-friendliness and these helps, or if it transforms the naming " wild assistance " into "good-companionship" then the border is finally very thin between what is authorized and what is not, between " the trail spirit " and the turned out cheating.

* The Occitane association 6666 thus decided to modify the rules of the Grand Raid Occitan 2013 concerning the accompaniment, opening the event to "pacers", under precise conditions (see race rules). The opportunity doubtless to live strong moments.

* The registration of pacers is now opened. For that purpose, the runner of the Grand Raid Occitan has to choose on the page " Zone of inscription" the number of pacer(s), to register him/ them in fields reserved on his(her) form runner, then to transmit us his/their address and coordinates (e-mail and phone) by the page contact to finalize the file of his guide(s).

To your calendars ! The 1st recognition of the route will be Saturday, 09 and Sunday, February 10th of 2013.

- Saturday: departure of the Grand Raid Occitan, the lake of Salagou, circus of Mourèze, until Vailhan. 32 km and ~ 1 170m D +. Departure at 7:45 am of the village square of Vailhan, or 8:30 am of the lake of Salagou, in the pontoon (cf map of the GRO).

- Sunday: from Colombières-sur-Orb to Olargues. 32,5 km and ~ 2 100m D +. Departure at 8:30 am of the parking lot of the gorges.

In this occasion, Serge JAULIN will realize a movie of the route 2013.

Information and inscriptions before January 31st by the page contact.

August 2012

 Come to meet us on the stand N °78 of the Salon of Ultra Trail ® in Chamonix. Information, registrations, purchase of the DVD ...

The registrations will open to the end of the month.

The DVD of the edition 2012 arrived. You can order it again for the  price of 15€( inclusive postal charges) by the page contact.

A new partnership will twin the 6666 Occitane and the Trail du Ventoux.

June 2012

Come to discover testimonies of races, narratives, photos, videos, press articles. See Testimonies 2012.

To read: the summary of the races

10/06: The first images are here.

The photos of A 360 degrees are here.

The DVD of the edition 2012 will be available in the course of July, it can be ordered again : access by the zone connection to the left with your identifier and your password.

May 2012

15/05 About 400 participants to this day. No close of inscription, however do not delay to facilitate our organization. Thank you for your understanding. Only the runners of the Roquebrune can be registered on Roquebrun on Friday and Saturdays mornings. You can send us your medical certificate here.

14/05 In preview, Lafuma will present you on the stand of Roquebrun the lightest set jacket + pants of protection of the market, with possibility of reservation. Produced ultra techniques. See the descriptive index card.

13/05 To make a success of your challenge, offer yourselves an energy pack to exceptional price, calculated in the just measure of the events 6666 Occitan and Big Occitan Raid. GO2 proposes you a set of products and a protocol of use, elaborated in association with Antoine GUILLON. See the article "Pack GO2"

12/05 Christelle CASENOBE, said "Cabrette", 3rd girl of 6666 Occitan on 2011, will be on the line of the Big Occitan Raid.

05/05 For your meals before the race, you can contact from us :
- In Roquebrun, the restaurant Small Nice in 00 334 67 89 64 27.
- In Vailhan, the inn of the Presbytery in 00 334 67 24 76 49. A buffet will be proposed to you.

Think also to send us your medical certificate, to reserve the shuttle and to communicate us the place where you want your number delivered. Thank you and good preparation to all of you. 

april 2012

28/04 Trophies 2012. As the previous years, the trophies are realized by the wine growers-potters Christine and Bernard ISARN. They are unique and original pieces, shaped on a lathe or molded, and decorated tastefully. Here are photos of 2011.

23/04 The route in 3D is visible on Trail-passion. Thanks to Frédéric Mencier for this work.

Everything about the water on the route, hoping that it does not fall from the sky ! To read absolutely.

Image en vrac lightbox[videos1 640 360]Image en vrac

Reconnaissance Secteurs GRO, 6666 et Saute Mouflon - Mars 2014

Le livre d'Antoine sur la
Diagonale des fous


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